23 janeiro 2011


It is good to pursue your dreams, to fight for them. But if you lose your way, if you start
doing things that you don't want to do, that you know deep inside that it is wrong, can you still recognize your self in the mirror? Is that a price you are willing to pay? To become something that you are not to achieve a dream?

 Be careful what you become, it might not be pretty. Sometimes we must give up the thing we want the most if that means keeping a good heart and a healthy mind. Or at least stop doing the things that you think it may help you reach your dream, and try to find another path.  If you become something else, maybe your dreams will be different. I'm just trying to say that you should be careful when you pursue a dream. Don't become something that you don't like. Just think of what you would think of yourself, if the younger you saw you. If the you (when you were 8years old) saw you now. What would that child think of you? And what would she/he say?

In the end when you achieved all your hopes and dreams, be careful to see if the path you walked on is not filled of pain and suffering from others. And if you are the same dreamer that you were. And check if you are not trapped in your own dream. It is good to dream, but don't make it your master. Use it as a guide line to create something in this world.

Follow your dreams, create them. But don't lose your way. Work hard to make them true, but do it with a good heart and a sane mind and conscience. If you see that the your path is not the right one, if you don't like and know that it is wrong, change it. There's always room for change. Remember, where there's a will there's a way.

Because in the end your dreams will only be the goal, the way you achieved them will be the most important thing and will define your life.
 Let your life and the way you live be the words of your heart and soul.

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Daniela C disse...

"There's always room for change. Remember, where there's a will there's a way."

I agree completely this message =)

Há momentos na vida que temos de parar e dizer "chega!! isto está errado", mas nem sempre é facil (na maior parte das vezes é muito dificil). Existe sempre oportunidade de mudar o caminho para alcançar um objectivo, todos nós sabemos quando o caminho está certo ou errado mas nao o conseguimos assumir perante o mundo que nos rodeia.
Nao podemos nunca deixar ser comandados pelo sonho, mas sim nós temos de comandar o sonho. Está nas nossas maos tomar as decisoes certas ou erradas, a vida está na palma da nossa mao.
Muitas vezes continuamos no erro por vergonha, por cobardia, falta de coragem de dizer "basta!", por nao querer magoar terceiros com os nossos erros, principalmente por saber que vamos desiludir as pessoas que mais amamos.

E o sonho continua lá bem no cantinho do coração, e é esse sonho que nos faz mudar o rumo para continuar o caminho =)

Paul d.C. disse...

Letting go can be the hardest thing we can do.
thank you =)