11 fevereiro 2011

arguing with myself.

Heart: Are you ready?
Paul: nope...i told you i don't have time for this now...
Heart: Well, i'm sorry but time is of no importance in this matter.
Brain: It's gonna hurt...again...
Paul: Yeah...it figures...
Heart: There's a chance it won't. There's always a chance...
Brain: blah blah blah...
Paul: lool
Heart: ?
Paul: It's true...you always say that this time it might work...and
you...we end up in the same way...
Brain: True.
Heart: Brain, your not helpin'
Brain: Actually i am, i am helping him not to get hurt.
Heart: But pain is a part of trying.
Brain: And beeing smart also is. I thought Love doesn't envolve pain.
Heart: Well, true love doesn't...but if you are caught in a passion...
or some affair...it will hurt. I can't do anything about that.
Brain: You could not drag us into this kind of stuff.
Heart: Ok...like asking you to not be logical about things? To not think straight
about things?
Brain: Ok, Ok...

Paul: Guys? You are kinda leaving me out of this conversation...and that is actually scaring me out.
'Cause...you are all inside my mind so...include me in, 'k?
So i dont get crazy...ergh...ya know...crazy-er...
Brain, Heart: heheh
Paul: Not funny. Anyway, so Heart isn't there anyother way to do this? Does it always have to be
try and error?
Heart: Actually there is another way, you can try calling this phone number, and then a lady will tell you if this relation can work...
Heart: Dude...of course not. No one can do that. Idiot.
Brain: Hey, don't call him Idiot...i know he is...but that kinda affects me to.
Heart: Sorry.
Brain: 'ts cool.
Paul: Ok, so it will be the same thing like before right? You know i'm not very good at stuff like this...
Heart: yeah...we've noticed.
Brain: looool
Paul: What? I've been busy...and it's not that i havent loved...you know i'm in a constant love state...so
it shouldnt be so different.
Brain: We know about your zenish love everything/peace and all that...but remember, it's different
with girls.
Heart: True...all other level of different.
Brain: Headache different if you ask me...i still can't figure them out...how they work...weird creatures.
Paul: lool...i like them =)
Heart: We do to...just prepare for anything...everything...
Brain: =(
Paul: Yeah...i know brain...

Paul: Hey heart, does it really have to hurt if it goes bad? I mean...can't i try a little without
giving much of myself?
Heart: Well...yeah you could just give a little of yourself...but that way you would never know
what that relation could mean to you, or what that person could mean. If you only give a little
then don't expect to recieve alot. So in the end when it's over, you will say that you wont felt much...
but that is not because of the other person...it was your fault.
Brain: Makes sence dude.
Paul: Yeah...So Love little, hurt little. Love Big, hurt big?
Heart: pessimist. What about: Love little, recieve little. Love big recieve big.
Why are you so affraid of hurting your self?
Paul: I know pain is good, it's part of us. But we all try to avoid it right? It's normal.
Heart: Yes, all beings avoid pain and suffering. But it is part of life, of growing up.
Paul: ok, ok i get all that.
Brain: But we should avoid pain when possible.
Heart: True, and that is what experience is for. At least in most cases.
Paul: Ok... isn't true that every person is a different person? Shouldn't we all have a second chance if things go wrong?
Brain: yes. but...just give a second chance AND pay attention to the details and do not let yourself be blinded...
Heart: Sorry about that...that last part is usually my fault. My bad.
Paul, Brain: It's ok...
Paul: I didn't understood that last part brain...but you will explain it some other time. For now, let's dive in into this.
Brain: wait...lemme get some aspirin first...i think we will need it.
Heart: >_<
Paul: lool, btw you guys, just curious...do you both have a on/off switch?
Brain, Heart: uh? No, why?
Paul: hm, nothing special...i was just wondering...

3 comentários:

Daniela C disse...

se não tentares nunca saberás... podes arrepender-te mas arrepender-te-ás de algo que fizeste e nao do que podias ter feito e nao fzeste =)

Paul d.C. disse...

true. Penso que a dúvida será muito pior do que a certeza. Depende da situação claro =P

Rita disse...

love is always worth the shot... :)