20 março 2011

Who said study and work should be boring and tedious? Seriously...i know that sometimes we have to do things that we don't enjoy as much....but i believe we should always try to make the most of every moment. And if you need to do something, then find something you like while doing it. It will increase your know how and better the way you do it.

Right now i'm lying in the green fresh smooth grass, taking a sun shower and studying BioInorganic...awww...it's those little things that make life great. Life worth living. One day, in the far future, if you can still read this, be it me or my son...always remember kid: Life is life. That's it. Not good nor bad. It is you that can define how you will take it. It's not what happens to you, but how you will Act and React to the things that happen to you that will define who you are. Be strong young one and remember that you are much more than meets the eye. You know it inside. Don't ever forget that. Be wise, listen and watch. Pay attention to everything and learn from everything. Practice everything. And never be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not try. You know what i mean =)
Remember that the only thing holding you back is your mind.
Oh, and read a lot of spider-man comics...they are AWESOME =)

Live free. Live strong and stand for what you believe. Sorry for being a little random here...i just got carried away. Take care and Be good =)

3 comentários:

Vanessa disse...

can my comment be just a smile again?
thanks for reminding me of all those things ;)

Paul d.C. disse...

Of course it can =)
A simple smile can change a day. It's really powerful.
Your welcome =)

Vanessa disse...

That is true :)