14 maio 2011

now is the time.

 What are you really waiting for? All those words of happiness and dreams. That you gotta stay strong and follow what you believe to be right. To love each other and respect everybody...what are you waiting to make them happen? What? Seriously? Really think about it, what are you waiting for and what is holding you back from the person you want to be?

  Are you trying to save yourself for what? For when you get older? Create your life now. The time is now. That is the only thing you are sure that is certain. This moment we are in will never happen again. Every moment that goes by wont repeat itself.

  I know that when it is time to go from words to action...we get nervous...we feel Fear. I know that, i feel it to. But that is it. That is the barrier, the wall that we should break. That Fear that is holding us back. If we overcome that Fear there is no one in these Earth that could imagine what we can achieve.  That spark that is waiting to shine inside of us could illuminate the skies for generations. But we let our Fears control us. Dictating our path. Creating excuses inside our heads so we don't think much about that...so we can sleep peacefully...and we let something great escape us. Just because we are not willing to give it all, to live like we dream of. And we let those walls become bigger and bigger...and eventually we stop trying to break them. I know it's hard. I feel it to. But believe me, when we start breaking them...when we start doing all the things we dream, all the things we chat about and talk about...it's... Fantastic, the things that we find about the world and about us are amazing.

  Why are those words that sound so nice, not a constant part of our life? Why aren't those words just another way to tell how we live? Why do we say something and do the opposite?

  We are ALL going to die. We all know that. You could live your life sitting in the corner seeing things happening or WE could STAND UP and start living the LIFE WE DREAMED when we were young. When Fear did not dominate our minds. The time is now, don't waste any moment.


                                           Be AWESOME =)

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