31 julho 2014


Remember me? Yeah, it's me, or at least a message from me =P
I'm writing this message and i will send it to the future. Yes, the future because when you read this, know that i wrote it a long time ago. So i do not know how i will be when you read this (sounds confusing, i know). Anyway, just to remember you to keep fighting. Keep up the good fight. Don't give up. Don't give in. Give them a fight that they will never forget.  Stay strong. Be happy and live free.

Take care, Paul.

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Paul d.C. disse...

Oh, boa Paul =)

Bem haja Paul do passado. Penso que isto foi escrito por volta de 2008 e programado para ser publicado no futuro. Obrigado pelas palavras, sei de onde elas surgem e a força que trazem.

Foi uma boa prenda de anos =)