30 outubro 2010


time will pass. And with it so do we. One day we will all die. That is a fact, it will happen. Moments before that happens you will look into the eyes of your sons or your loved ones and you will think that they will now be in a world where you no longer are. Is this the world you trust, the world you want to leave to the ones you love. Think about your legacy? How are we making this a better world to the next gen? How will we explain to our children that we, the ones that had the most to lose, where the ones that did the less to make things better. They wont accept apologies. They will not understand our apathy. And then we will have the responsability to face the severe consequences of our actions. Because in the end it was all about us. Our choice to do something or to ignore and do nothing. We are who we chose to be.

this is our time. This is our chance to make good. And while we have time, let us do good.

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