19 abril 2011


    Sometimes i sit back and remember some moments i had with some friends that are long gone. And the things they told me. "Paul, in this life you have so little time. It's even funny the things people do without even remembering how much time they have left... Time. taste it. Don't waste it."

     Seriously...life is to short to waste in some sort of things.

    So sorry if i look that i don't care about some stuff, like staying angry,  or selfish emotions...or to be happy when someone that we don't like is hurt. For me it's a waste of my precious time.  And sorry for not doing and being that person you picture in your head. I'm not here to live up to your expectations, nor you to mine.

      I'm real, with all my flaws and dreams. But i refuse to waste time. This life is so fragile, so short. The things we do and don't do defines us. And we have so little time for that. So while we have the time, let's use it for good, for useful things. Because believe me, life is to short to waste with some things...

    The funny part is that there are moments...those special moments...that if you can live them, really live those moments...it really wont matter how much time we got left....but this is another story.

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