20 abril 2011

arguing with myself 2.

Paul: Thanks a lot.
Heart: I'm sorry...
Brain: Told you so.
Heart: Hey, i said i'm sorry ok...
Brain: Yeah...
Paul: Come on guys, it's ok. I mean it's not ok. But it's no big deal. Right? At least we give it a try.
Better to try than never live at all. When the time was right, we didn't gave into fear. And we tried.
Didn't work...but that was a victory =)   So don't feel bad or sink in sorrow.  We found out that talking to someone we like can be HARD, but we did it =)
Brain: Your right about that.
Heart: So you guys aren't mad at me?
Paul: No, we know you. This was not the first time and will not be the last time. But it's ok. While you are still willing to love we can also be willing to forgive you and understand.
Brain: Just don't push it. And pay attention to us to. Serious. We should work together more often.
Paul: I agree on that.
Heart: Ok, so now what?
Brain: yeah...now what?
Paul: Now? Now, we learn from this and grow stronger. And for what happened and still is happening i see we still have a lot to learn about people and emotions. Some things are just not what they seem =\

3 comentários:

Vanessa disse...

Sounds like a good plan =)

"Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise."

Paul d.C. disse...

True story. Adoro essa frase =)
Thanks e Boa Páscoa =)

Vanessa disse...

obrigado e boa Páscoa para ti também =)